Friday, April 04, 2008

Grandbrother with De Fabriek: Crayon Grenade (6) PreFabriekish

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Factories Astir + In Flux

Factories Astir + In Flux, with their detailed and beautiful color covers, are two 30 minute works matching various rhythms, samples and seductive sounds from Agog in California and De Fabriek. They did not even know of each other before I combined them on this double release. Stunning compositions with much variety.

Factories Agape

In 1997 I combined classic old De Fabriek sources with strange new zansounds and the wonderful Factories Agape is the marvelous result. It starts with a recording I made late one night as I was coming home. I heard this wondrous watery sound coming from a multi-socket spigot installed by the water company to let off pressure and had to record it. This was the impetus to begin this work which has many curious and delightful combinations of sounds, music and rhythms.